Rotatie Geitenpad Magazine

This is the front page of the "Rotatie" issue of the "Geitenpad" magazine for rotations: L8 and T16. The Geitenpad (Goat Path) publication was made for the troops in the 1 (NL/BE) VN LOG/TBAT during the UNPROFOR mission in Bosnia.

The text is in Dutch, plucked from the original WordPerfect 5.1 files. See my Unprofor page for more info on my involvement in this mission.

See also here for a photo of the team who worked on this issue.

For other (scanned) issues of the Geitenpad:
Whoops, the link above is not active anymore. There were (or are still) sites with a large collection of magazines, but nothing is permanent on the internet ....

This is still work in progress !!!

  • 100% of the text is now copied in separate book pages.
  • The photo's are uploaded (see here) but need to be included in the text. Note: the quality of the photo's is miserable, but I don't have anything better. They were scanned in a low resolution and saved as JPEG to fit on a 3.5" floppy (remember, there were no USB sticks at the time).

I've attached the original PageMaker 5 file and the PDF version of it. It doesn't contain the photos unfortunately. Funny thing is that you can still install PM5 on an old PC or laptop. It can be found on the net as 'abandonware'.

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