UNProfor, 1995

Dutchbat sticker

I served a 5 month period in Bosnia with UNPROFOR (United Nations protection force) in 1995. My contingent: 1 (NL/BE) VN Logistics and Transport battalion. My rotation: L8. I was stationed in Busovaca (Busovača, Bosnian-Croat area). I drove countless kilometers in an ambulance as a driver/medic. Our job was to provide medical assistance to convoys. These convoys provided humanitarian aid for refugees and logistics for Dutch military compounds in Bosnia.

See this link for photos.

Mosaic image of the 3 separate scans Scans of the UN route / roadmap see here. Update, August 2007 ! the scans are now stitched together in 1 raster image.

Links to other sites are also available. Other people made much better looking sites so check them out.

Update december 2004: I've posted most interesting photos I have. What I want to do now is setup a book in which the photo's and text can be combined. In this way, a more coherent story can be read here. Another thing is the 'Rotation videotape'. I can try to digitize it and put it online as a mpeg4 file.

I found the original WordPerfect files for the "Rotatie Geitenpad" magazine. See this book page for the contents. It's still work in progress though ... www.unprofor.nl was registered by someone here in Holland but not active. Recently (2008-12) I was able to register the domain ! cool, my first .nl TLD.

Scans of cover comic book "De Blauwhelmen": cover Here are some scans of a comic book: "De blauwhelmen" of Marc Westerlain with the lead character: "Sarah Spits": Please post a comment if you are interested or have additions/corrections ! Here is the famous 'In Flanders fields' poem.

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