Who are we ?

Who is the Koorneef family exactly? Hmm, that depends on what you call the Koorneef family. I've always understood that all the people with the surname 'Koorneef' or Korneef, Koornneef, Koorneff, Korneff, Coorneef (!), Coornneef etc. form the same family tree. Where and when this tree started growing exactly is a bit unclear to me, what I know is: All come from the area of 'Brielle' Netherlands roughly near the coast and Rotterdam. The surname is not widely known in the Netherlands, some people I met even thought it was an eastern European name... Which is not so strange: there is a Russian footballplayer called Igor Korneev who even played in Dutch clubs. Anyway, the records of the name go back till the 15th century or so.

There are no specifics about us on this site. I'm not on 'social' media.


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