Welcome to my website

This is my personal website, it's not updated as frequently as in the beginning. These kind of websites are becoming rare in the age of FaceBook etc. I've chosen not to make rich businesses more rich by giving all my personal data away.

The main reason for keeping this 'alive' is to preserve some of the contents for the general public and personal nostalgia.

Images showing again

The images on this website are viewable again. My apologies for taking so long.

After switching host providers (now: SQR) some things changed in the config (now at least using https instead of the old http).

Stamp collage of flag Guyana

I made a collage for Franny's birthday. I bought a collection of postal stamps from Guyana and glued them to a background with the national flag of Guyana.

Collage Guyanese flag with stamps

Click the thumbnail for a larger version.

WW2 diary of my dad

Sometime ago Hannah asked if her grandfather fought in the war (the Second World War). Good question I thought and I got the box with all the family photos and other stuff out of the attic.

In there was also the notebook /  diary of my Dad (Arie Koorneef, 1925 - †2003). In the first pages photos from newspapers are pasted from the Dutch Army mobilisation period 1939 - 1940.

Title diary AD Koorneef

 I'd never before tried to read the handwritten diary which starts on the 17th of September 1944: the start of Operation Market Garden. After reading it I typed the diary in a Word file, see the attachments below. The scans of the diary are also included.

Some parts of the diary were told by my dad to me but I didn't know everything.

Click the 'read more' link to download the files...


MammaSaar website online

Saar's website: MammaSaar is online. 

Description: "Draagconsulent ergonomisch dragen".

More info follows !

Lady and Shannon running

In the late evening sun ...

Lady and Shannon running

Lady is our latest addition to the family ! A Golden-Retriever puppy, three months old in the photo.

Site reinstalled from backup ...

Darn ! this site got compromised/hacked ... I was too late (much too late) to update Drupal and some guy took advantage of it. 

Anyway, got the backup up and running again, didn't lose too much data. Ahum, actually only one post was lost in the process. I haven't been posting as much as I would have liked to.

But maybe it's time for a change: I minimized my Facebook activity (even deleted the app on my phone). 

Website MI-Partners BV updated

The website of MI-Partners BV (the company I'm employed at) has been updated !

The  all new Competences page is a real improvement:

MI-Partners Competences website screenshot

Of course the website uses Drupal 7.


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