FOSDEM. Drupal Conference 2005

The first Drupal Conference at FOSDEM 2005 in Brussels.

Overview of the front rows

The Drupal core ! (ok not complete, but almost).

Again, sorry for the dark photo.

Also on this photo is David 'Kat' Monosov (the first on the left). He gave an very interesting presentation on scalability and security. The things I remembered:

  • Of the 1000+ co-located servers about 50 or more per week are hacked !
  • Don't trust the contributed (non-core) modules on security too much.
  • Drupal Core is relatively secure (everything is relative and nothing is secure anyway).

Overview of the college room

The college room was not crowded, but still a substantial number of people attended.
You can also see that everything was recorded by two (the other camera is just not visible on this photo) camera's.

The first slide of the conference !

The first slide of Dries.

Dries giving the opening talk

Sorry for the dark photo, my Powershot A70 doesn't have a very good flash.

John vanDyk on Meta-driven workflow

Now I finally understand the workflow module !
Very, very powerful stuff.
Have to implement it here to try it out. Cool !

Matt Westgate and Boris Mann

Boris Mann introduced the speakers and helped getting things going. Matt talked and demo'ed the ecommerce package/framework available for Drupal.

James Walker on Multimedia

James had some trouble getting his presentation fired up at the right resolution.

I'm a bit worried about the upgrade path to his new image module, but I did't get around to ask him about it.

Moshe Weitzman coding a module on the blackboard

Moshe did a great job of showing everyone how easy it was to code a module. Using a 'Bookmark' module as an example. He gave some interesting tips on coding.


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