FOSDEM. Drupal Conference 2005

The first Drupal Conference at FOSDEM 2005 in Brussels.

Neil Drumm talking about drupal as a contact relationship management platform

That's quite a mouthfull. Unfortunately Neil spoke very softly so I barely heard what he was talking about. Too bad because his presentation was interesting. Allthough I don't understand the use of contacts as nodes. I don't see how that 'works' in a site.

Jonathan Chaffer on the Content Creation Toolkit (CCK)

Flexinode on steroids coming !
Say bye bye to the good old story and page nodes, make your own and better !

Hope I can track this development.

Steven talking about theming

Steven went quite into detail into the evolution of the 'FriendsElectric' theme. From a mockup to a phptemplate theme. I'm certainly going to look into this theme.

Richard Stallmann

Richard Stallman giving his talk in a big college hall.


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