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Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements - H. Brown (1871)

"Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements" - H. Brown (1871) A wonderful book of all kinds of mechanisms ! Around 1870 the Franco-Prussian War raged and the German forces victoriously entered Versailles... For more historical books about mechanisms see this Cornell page. See the attachment for the PDF file.

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Updated: 2007-08-16, new logo. See also the site:

Ampelmann, advertisement poster plus sponsors

See this node for the Stewart Platform itself. And this blog entry.

If you look closely the Hycos logo can be seen.


Stabilised Stewart platform (sometimes called Hexapod (six legs)), photo taken at small harbour in Delft. See this blog entry.

And this photo.

More background info:

On the way to a warm weekend. (henks_backyard_titan_globexplorer.jpg)

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Screenshot with Leica's Titan GIS messenger, 3D explorer kind of application.
Crooswijkse bocht, Rotterdam

Binary clock


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Binary clock schematic

Designed by Dick Goossens, our departement's electronics wizard.

If you don't understand this, don't worry, it's harmless.


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