Koorneef.net updated to Drupal 5.1

Better late than never. The upgrade went smooth. A few modules are not upgraded (filestore2 and fscache) but that's not too big a problem. I just need to convert the nodes generated by this module to generic nodes with attachments.

Captcha (methods to verify only carbon based life forms can post comments) is working too, but the recaptcha module was not playing nicely along with the theme. Will sort that out later. Now anynomous users have to answer a very simple math question. A bit unsettling is the fact that within a few minutes between the upgrade and the install of the captcha module 10 spam comments were posted by spambots already !

The new Garland theme of Drupal allows easy tuning of the colours. So, this greenish scheme is probably not permanent. But at least something different. If anything is not working properly, drop me a line: contact page.