www.koorneef.net on a VT320

I salvaged a DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation, bought by Compaq now HP) VT320 terminal from the garbage crate at work. Always wanted to have one. A real hardware terminal !

After some problems (never do something stupid with your /etc/ttys file ...) I got it hooked up to my FreeBSD machine with a 3 wire serial cable. Really nice to see it working, it's a bit slow because of the crappy 3 wire 9600 baud connection but that just needs a bit of time and solder.

Screenshot of www.koorneef.net on a VT320The VT320 hardware terminal

Update: I've soldered a full null-modem cable (from 25 pins to 9 pins, a bit tricky) and set the speed to 19200 baud. It's really fast now ! cool ! As a matter of fact, I'm typing this right now on this oldie goldie terminal. Only finding the ESC key is a bit of a problem .... :-( After some googling I found this as a 'solution' to the missing ESC key: "Ctrl-[". Maybe I can use the keymapping feature of the VT320 to assign this code to a function key.