Everything what the technology minded happen to like ...

Turning wheels, optical illusion

Franny got this from a friend, very funny to look at.

See for more info: (the original artist).

Teaser for Ralphm

Guess what ?
Ah well, won't take a second for you to guess, but anyway.

Photo binary clock

Can you read binary ?
Made by my dear collegue Dick Goossens as a PIC programming tutorial project. You can buy a similar clock at, but this one is much cooler !
I've to build a nice box around it and a power supply. The coolest thing still has to come: use a webcam to show it 'ticking' away !

The P4 after the makeover !

Yes ! gone are the nasty stickers ! The FreeBSD logo sits proudly in it's place. I use version 4.9.

The new P4 before ...

Hmm, 1 M$ winblows machine in the house is more than enough ! Off with this ugly label !

The guts of my new super fast PC

It's a P4 1.4GHz, on a P4T Asus motherboard Intel 850 chipset, with 256MB Rambus (4 RIMM's of 64MB). The video card is an Asus V6600 Geforce256 32 MB AGP4x (!), I didn't know there are different AGP slots ! AGP 2x cards don't fysically fit in this 'AGP 4x pro' slot ! (see for more info). The fan of the V6600 is worn down, I'm now looking for an elcheapo fanless replacement.


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