Accident with 10 ton truck, 2

I took this photo when we were just about to leave the accident site with our ambulance and one other MB (the Juliet of the convoy I believe). On the photo you can see that the tow truck was attempting to hoist the truck out of the valley. There are some interesting people on the photo too. The convoy leader (Lt. Jobse) and the 2nd in command (sgt. ?), a driver (name ?) (all Dutch personnel is wearing a bulletproof vest) and 2 or more 'Bosnian soldiers'. The same soldiers who threatened to shoot our tires at a stop just before the accident (the road was too narrow for them to pass the convoy with their van).

The tow truck wasn't able to get the truck out of the valley because the road was not stable enough to support the load of that operation. I've heard that in a week time or so the truck was completely stripped of all possible worthwhile parts and only the frame remained.

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