Sanders Graszoden website online

Eindelijk heeft het bedrijf van Leo's broer (mijn baas bij MI-Partners) een website:

Natuurlijk gemaakt met de laatste versie van Drupal. Als je graszoden zoekt weet je waar je moet zijn.

Handprints Shannon

Shannon loves to paint. Not just with a brush ...

A friend in need is a friend too much

Here is a short text of Arnon Grunberg in the Volkskrant (The peoples paper, sounds quite commie doesn't ?)

Harmonie site for Rob and Esther online

My colleague Rob Jenneskens is going on a 11 month trip through Africa. Together with his girlfriend Esther in a Landcruiser.

Quite an adventure !

I adapted the Drupal theme made for MI-Partners to the wishes of Rob. He made the graphics himself and I pasted everything in a Drupal theme.

The result is to be admired here:

Updated Drupal to latest 5 version

Last weekend I finally updated this site to the current (5.23) version of Drupal. The site is now ready for Drupal version 6.

The image module was running haywire ! I had 30k image files: the derative image sizes (800x800 etc) where regenerated all the time. So I had to delete all duplicates while keeping the originals. Thanks to a number of posts on the website things went quite well.

Now I can make a local copy of the site on my laptop for easy theming / upgrading / debugging etc.

Bought a RC-50 Loopstation

Last weekend I bought a RC-50 Loopstation. Made by Boss, very impressive pedal. Three loops in stereo ! This means I don't loose a channel with my Line6 POD X3 Live. Cool.

More on this later. I've still have to study the manual more...

Update August 2010: I've sold the RC-50, in the end I was not using it as much as I hoped.

Website MI-Partners updated

Finally I had some time to work on the MI-Partners website. It now is a bi-lingual site made with Drupal 6.1.

I'm quite pleased with it. The theme is still very basic, at least it is better than the 1 plain text page we had till now.

Photos of a unknown Bleeker microscope

Bleeker Abbe refractometer 3/3D. Spel sent me three photos of his Bleeker instrument. We don't know the exact function of the instrument. Please leave a comment if you know more about it.

See here for the photos.


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