29th June: Veterans day

It's veterans day today ! nice to see this happening. They even are showing short commercials on TV. Here is the site: http://www.veteranendag.nl/

Made some photos of the resistor bank

See this page for some more info and links to the photos. The "Nederlandsche Optiek- en Instrumentenfabriek, Dr. C.E. Bleeker" is quite an interesting company.

After some configuration sending mail works again

Everything worked smoothly on the new network of onsneteindhoven.nl except sending mail. Receiving was not a problem. My guess is that all outgoing mail on port 25 (SMTP) is blocked except to the mail server of onsnet.nl
After some googling I found a few sites with instructions for using the onsnet.nl mail server as a relay using sendmail. It was relatively painless. Approx. 2 hours to get everything working. Best thing is that everything works just as it did with the xs4all network.

Our luggage checked in, waiting at PIT airport

We checked in all our suitcase, hopefully we'll see them again in Amsterdam tomorrow morning. Everything went well this far, the thunderclouds have gone (we heard that it was total chaos this morning due to the weather).

Alleys and Peter went with us to the airport, they picked up their rental car. They helped us out a lot with checking in. Thanks again !

Ahh, free wireless internet, more airports should do that. Notably DTW and AMS ! it such a great service !

Franny is checking out the stores and Hannah is pulling one of our bags, very funny to watch. See you all in the good ol' Netherlands.

Anonymous comments switched off

The amount of comment spam was increasing. The spamfilter has great difficulty with a new variety of comments with more or less random character strings. I've to look into the spamfilter module to see if something can be done to filter these very irritating messages.

This means that comments can only be posted after registering/logging in. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Red Team update

First a photo:

The Hummer in the middle is called Sandstorm (the participant of last years race), the one on the right is Highlander, the left one is called the Topographer. As can be seen in the photo is that Sandstorm is highly modified while Highlander looks still quite like a 'normal' Hummer.

Fran's visa has been approved. Now we are still waiting on my visa.

Found the homepage of my nephew Thierry Koorneef

I found the homepage of Thierry Koorneef (using the http://www.dogpile.com search engine)

He has a lot of photos of his models of WW2 vehicles:

The models are meticulously put together. The level of detail is stunning. When we were growing up he was always busy with models. Nice to see his work.

We will have glass fibre high speed internet soon !

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I read the first announcement: free (for the 1st year) high speed internet (10Mb) through a fibre glass cable till in our home !



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