Miscellaneous stuff

Emblem for the 1 (NL) VN Support Command bat.

Found this on the Dutch eBay (marktplaats), I didn't buy it but the photo is nice to have.

Photo of a poppy, 2

Another poppy flower photo, see the "In Flanders fields" poem ...

Photo of a poppy, 1

Taken years ago with one of the first digital cameras I used.

Volkskrant voorpagina veteranendag

Snapshot of the 9 veterans featured on the frontpage of the Volkskrant.

Copyright de Volkskrant.

1000 Dinar Bill, Bosnia Hercegovina 1992

Bought a pack of these for a few Deutsch marks when waiting somewhere in Bosnia from a boy. Thought these were quite rare, but for a few US dollars they can be bought on numerous places on the net. I guess more UNProfor soldiers must have bought them.

Text from the bills:
1000 Hiljada Dinara
Republika Bosna I Hercegovina
Narodna Banka
1 juli, Srpanj 1992

"Narodna" means "National" in English.

Dutchbat sticker

A not perfect scan of a sticker. I think I got this one during my training at the CVV in Ossendrecht, but I'm not sure.

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