General Red Team photos

Photo's of the vehicles, and misc.

Sandstorm and a double rainbow

Taken at Red's farm during speed tests with Sandstorm. What is clearly seen is the double rainbow: the usual bright one and the much less brighter one with the colours reversed. It was the first time I saw a double rainbow. Very cool !

Gautam Jain,Yu Hiroki Kato (with bottle)

Steve tries to pierce Yu's bottle with his soldering iron ...

Yu worked for more than a hour while balancing his ice tea bottle on his head. Don't ask me why. My guess: he clearly demonstrates stabilisation mastery which the gimbal team needs so desperately ;-).

Sandstorm on a real version of the default XP desktop background

The colours red, green and blue really work nicely in this photo.

Lucas and H1ghlander

Photo taken by the amazing Sam Harbaugh (company website). Thanks Sam !


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