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Photo's of the vehicles, and misc.

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Slide from a presentation by Evan Tahler about the logs and statistics of the Red Team website:

Yep the power of the Blog ... or, making sure you have as many valid links to relevant sites !

Technisch Weekblad article of H1ghlander's site visit

We are famous ! Ah well, not quite, but a few collegues read the article. Nice to see your name on the front page.

NB: copyright: Technisch Weekblad.

Photo of Peter and Lucas at Site Visit H1ghlander

This photo was taken by Teake Zuidema. He is a dutch professional photographer/journalist living in Pittsburgh. He has done work for a few dutch magazines (Kijk, Technisch Weekblad and other magazines). See his website: Unfortunately another photo made it in the Technisch Weekblad. I (Lucas) am the one on the left, Peter Hoekstra on the right.

Me and my Philips collegues

Site visit H1ghlander.
From left to right: Ton Peijnenburg, Gary McClary, Gudrun, Hans Vermeulen and Peter Hoekstra.

Sandstorm loaded on truck for transport back to PRB

Jack's Towing usually takes care of all transportation of the RedTeam robots.

ATV with differential GPS

During testing at Red's farm we used an ATV with a Trimble dGPS to record the test tracks.

Very nifty vehicles. Can be a bumpy ride though. Me and Chris Urmson almost toppled over going uphill ! anyway, you are not supposed to take any passengers aboard...

Sandstorm at dusk

Note the team's mascot: a groundhog with a little yellow helmet.


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