Group photo L8

This is the big group photo with all L8 conscription (dienstplichtig) from 94-12.

The medics at the end of the training

From this group a number went to Dutchbat in Srebrenica / Potacari. Others, like me joined the transport / logistics batallion. I'm the one on the right, bottom row.

From top left:
Hiddink, Forster, Warners, Zeverboom, Wijs
Folkers, Ynse Schellens, Kanters, Koorneef

Hiddink, Forster, Warners, Wijs, Folkers and Schellens went to Srebrenica. The rest went to the Logistics and Transport battallion. I've seen Schellens on Dutch television giving his account on what happened in July 1995 in Srebrenica. There are many links to find, just google. More info.

Driving in convoys in Holland

On the road in Holland somewhere.
We did one week of driving through Holland. I had a white UN marked ambulance to drive in. The rest was boring green ;-).

CVV in Ossendrecht

The training compound (kazerne) in Ossendrecht.
This was the CVV: Center of Peacekeeping Operations (Centrum Voor Vrede operaties).

Rock climbing in the Ardennes

Part of the training took place in Belgium and Germany (Vogelsang, where also the German Wehrmacht or SS trained.) In Belgium we did some rock climbing and other things around one of the old forts in the Ardennes.

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