Scans from the manual of the ambulance used in Bosnia.

The interior

In theory there's room for 4 patients. But that makes the space very crowded.
The weight of the vehicle with all the gear etc. was more than 3500 kilogram. I drove this car with a 'normal' drivers license. From what I've heard is that drivers who were trained for this car had to get a 'truck drivers license'.

The dimensions of the ambulance

Note: dimensions in [mm] ! For the non-metrics: 1 [inch] = 25.4 [mm]. Do the math !

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From the front

If there's more interest in this kind of scans, let me know.

From the rear

Ambulance driver video game

I found this video game in a playarea at the Erperheide bungalowpark in Belgium (Centerparcs) of all places ! I had never seen it before. The goal of the game is to drive the ambulance as fast as possible to the hospital. The catch is that when you bump the car too much the patient deteriorates and your avaliable time is reduced.

I didn't make it past level 2, oops !
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