Business trip to the USA

Photo's of my business trip to Virginia USA, sept 2004

Mountain Lake, 2

The boat pier.

Mountain Lake, 1

One of the few natural lakes in Virginia. High up on the top of a mountain, hence the name, duh. A long winding road takes you up there. Fun to drive, reminds me of driving in Bosnia and Croatia in 1995. Cool !
There's a hotel on the edge of the lake, you can rent boats etc.

View from the hotel room

Yep, not bad at all. Ok, there's a highway in the valley just below the hotel, but apart from the occasional noise you almost wouldn't notice it.

Blue Ridge Park Way, 4

View of the valley and hills from the parkway. It was a bit hazy that afternoon. And my camera skills are not proficient enough to make something better of it.

Blue Ridge Park Way, 3

Nice car !
Typically American, overpowered, ridiculous fuel consumption etc.
But fun to drive, especially compared to my own Golf.

Blue Ridge Park Way, watch out for ...

... bears, xcuse me ?
Hmm, I didn't venture too far out on foot after that sign.

The sign saying "Comfort station" didn't really put me at ease ;-)

Blue Ridge Park Way, 1

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a road through a national park of Virginia. Very nice landscapes. I've only seen a small part of it. It's hundreds of miles long.

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