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Developments, improvements of this website transferred to shared host

The ageing hardware of my trusty FreeBSD server might collapse any day now. So after some market research I found a shared hosting service to run on. Site5 is situated in the USA, but still is quite responsive in Europe. Site5 uses Linux together with Apache, Mysql and PHP. Not too many changes needed for the switch.

I upgraded Drupal to 4.7.2 (latest release). It went pretty smooth ! I haven't installed all the modules of the previous install yet. The captcha module made it possible to switch on anonymous comment posting and the contact forms again. Visitors will have to type in a few letters from an image to post their comment. high on referral list of

Peter Hoekstra told me today that this site ( was higher in the referrals list for ! What a surprise ! See also this slide of a presentation by Evan Tahler: on a VT320

I salvaged a DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation, bought by Compaq now HP) VT320 terminal from the garbage crate at work. Always wanted to have one. A real hardware terminal !

After some problems (never do something stupid with your /etc/ttys file ...) I got it hooked up to my FreeBSD machine with a 3 wire serial cable. Really nice to see it working, it's a bit slow because of the crappy 3 wire 9600 baud connection but that just needs a bit of time and solder.

Made some photos of the resistor bank

See this page for some more info and links to the photos. The "Nederlandsche Optiek- en Instrumentenfabriek, Dr. C.E. Bleeker" is quite an interesting company.

After some configuration sending mail works again

Everything worked smoothly on the new network of except sending mail. Receiving was not a problem. My guess is that all outgoing mail on port 25 (SMTP) is blocked except to the mail server of
After some googling I found a few sites with instructions for using the mail server as a relay using sendmail. It was relatively painless. Approx. 2 hours to get everything working. Best thing is that everything works just as it did with the xs4all network.

Anonymous comments switched off

The amount of comment spam was increasing. The spamfilter has great difficulty with a new variety of comments with more or less random character strings. I've to look into the spamfilter module to see if something can be done to filter these very irritating messages.

This means that comments can only be posted after registering/logging in. Sorry for the inconvenience. server upgraded

In exchange for a dinner our neighbour Bastiaan gave me his old pc. He just bought a new one and his 'old' one still means a factor 4 performance increase wrt to my good ol' 333MHz Celeron ... is finally a bit interactive

I've just installed drupal version 4.3.1. And it works !
At least, good enough.

Please feel free to join in ! send in your comments etc.
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