Murderer walks freely, parents of victim need help

Update 4: 2006-05-05:
There is some more info on the website of Peter R. de Vries:
Including a photo of the father of Deborah Williams putting flowers on the new grave.

Update 3: 2006-01-03:
We received some photo's of the finished grave monument:
Grave monument Debra Williams
Thanks to all who supported this effort !

Update 2: 2005-12-12:
Great news: enough money is donated for a decent grave monument. There's even some left for the parents. So I removed the bank account number of Jennifer (see below). We thank Jennifer for all her efforts !

Jennifer Cambridge told us in an email that she is collecting money for a decent grave monument (she is now buried in an unmarked grave).

Original story:
A crime television show ( the story was revealed of a brutal murder in Suriname and the killer living a normal life in the Netherlands.

The victim, a girl of Guyanese parents, was killed by her ex boyfriend. This man has the dutch nationality, was convicted to a sentence of 16 years imprisonment. He managed to escape the Surinamese prison and fled to the Netherlands. He has been living a 'normal' life for 10 years now.

The parents of the victim: Debra or Deborah Williams are living in great poverty in Suriname. We hope that something can be organised to help this couple. I've sent a mail to Peter R. de Vries's website. I guess we are not the only ones wanting to help so maybe his website can coordinate things a bit. (see update above)

Please leave a comment if you want to help or have other idea's.