Me with a tie !

At the Hanover Messe we all wore ties for the first time !

 Me with a tie

BTW, this is my first selfie on the web ... what does that say about me ?

Website MI-Partners BV updated

The website of MI-Partners BV (the company I'm employed at) has been updated !

The  all new Competences page is a real improvement:

MI-Partners Competences website screenshot

Of course the website uses Drupal 7.

Site updated from Drupal 6 to 7

Finally ! after almost a year since the last update from 5 to 6.

Difficulties were the conversion of the old image nodes to the new nodes + image field flavour. Not everything works yet, enough for me to do !

Time flies ! I just noticed that this site is already running on Drupal for 10 years. My user-id on is 4945 ... I'm not so active anymore on the Drupal site, but I guess I'm one of the oldie goldies.

I had to delete a lot of content: all the weblinks (most of them pointed to nowhere anyway), photo's of old friends and some other stuff. 

Update: I just found out that the very first version of Drupal I installed was version 4.3.1 → that's a version you can't even download from the website anymore (starts with 4.3.2 from March 2005).

Website updated from Drupal 5 to 6

Should have done this long ago ... Now drupal version 8 is almost out !
Soon version 6 will be unsupported.

Anyways, now going to version 7 !

Sanders Graszoden website online

Eindelijk heeft het bedrijf van Leo's broer (mijn baas bij MI-Partners) een website:

Natuurlijk gemaakt met de laatste versie van Drupal. Als je graszoden zoekt weet je waar je moet zijn.

Handprints Shannon

Shannon loves to paint. Not just with a brush ...

Photo's of Shannon: 2 years old already

Franny had Shannon's picture taken by a professional photographer. Here are two nice ones:
Click on the photo's for a larger version.
Shannon two years old, 2

A friend in need is a friend too much

Here is a short text of Arnon Grunberg in the Volkskrant (The peoples paper, sounds quite commie doesn't ?)

Harmonie site for Rob and Esther online

My colleague Rob Jenneskens is going on a 11 month trip through Africa. Together with his girlfriend Esther in a Landcruiser.

Quite an adventure !

I adapted the Drupal theme made for MI-Partners to the wishes of Rob. He made the graphics himself and I pasted everything in a Drupal theme.

The result is to be admired here:

Shannon turned two today !

Happy birthday to our youngest member of the family. She doesn't realise it really yet, but that doesn't make it less special.


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