Kitchen part 2, a restart in August 2004

Yep after almost a year I finally started again !

Wooden corner profiles

Small board next to the sink

This took a lot of thinking and worrying, but the solution was always there staring me in the face. I first thought of plastering this piece of rough wall (Bastiaan and I smashed the ugly tiles of the wall a bit too vigoriously, but they were really ugly ! they deserved it.)
but plastering would be a new experiment, never done it before.
Then to the old trick of a wooden board, but how to get it straight ?
Ah well, I already had a leftover piece of board that (almost) fit perfectly, and just 5 screws and plugs later, tadaa ! finished. No spacers needed for alignment, just a stiff board. One major hurdle taken.

View on the brandnew worktop from outside

Note the cut of 45 degrees at the corner. The kitchen is not wide enough ... But Franny will love the amount of extra workspace !

Worktop (dutch: aanrecht) finished

You can see I cut out a slot for the warm air coming from the heater below the worktop. Fancy pansy not ? A nice aluminium grid will cover it (came with one of the cupboards).


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