Lose weight

Ok, simple: eat less, burn more

Status now: 15 kilos approx excess body mass... we don't have a scale, so can't compute an exact body mass index. Checking on www.voedingwijzer.nl (oeps, that's a Herbalife site, it contains a BMI calculator as well) my BMI = 28 (100 [kg], 190 [cm]), advice from the site:
Waarschuwing: u moet 5 tot 10 kg afslanken, vraag een afslankadvies! !
Hmm, not as bad as I thought ... but still.

Okidoki, started reading: "You ! on a diet" (http://www.realage.com/doctorCenter/YouOnADiet/entry1.aspx)
Wow, what a website, two smiling (or grimassing) men in white overcoats ... like a German toothpaste commercial .. terrible. They have some good tips though.

2008-09 Update:
Yes ! I'm finally doing something about it. After our holiday in Germany (with too many obese Germans too close for comfort in full view at the pool) I decided to cut down on eating. No more snacks in the canteen at work. Normal size dinners etc. No cookies... lot's of selery / carrots / tomatoes for at work.

And after a few weeks I've come from 95 to 91 [kg]. So that's not bad. I'll be satisfied at 85 [kg] though.

2008-10-16: I'm below the 90 [kg] ! for the first time since years (decades ;-) ). Still going strong, no real eating frenzies yet.

2008-11-28: floating around 88 [kg], getting harder to lose more now. Temptation, weak flesh etc.

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