Tuesday, 10th of July

  • Posted on: 10 July 2007
  • By: lucas

Yesterday the train system was a complete disaster. A bit of rain and lightning and everything grinds to a halt. When I thought the service would return to 'normal' I went to the station in Delft. The platform was absolutely packed with angry and frustrated passengers. After some waiting the intercity crept into the station (police even checked the edges of the platform to prevent people from falling on the tracks). We had to wait a while before we were allowed to enter the train, when I was in, we still waited 15 minutes or so before leaving to Rotterdam. Finally in Rotterdam they announced another delay and that was enough for me. I called Henk and I went with the tram to the Crooswijkse bocht.

When I arrived there Henk and Debby were already cooking up a storm: mashed potato, "witlof" with ham and cheese in the oven, some pork and a vegetable soup. Finishing off with melon, ice cream and strawberries. Wow. After dinner we played a Rise of Nations game but ... unfortunately the AI was too weak this time so we didn't get too much resistance. So next time we will have to find a middle road ;-)

Ed already sent an email to Jerry and Guido (from Mapper Lithography) to inform them of my change in jobs. I was a bit relieved they were not too upset.

My mom is in Eindhoven since early this morning, so Fran can go to work. I think Hannah will be very tired already when I come home.

I just read on nu.nl that UPC is dropping it's "Chello" brandname. Funny, it started years ago with "Goldmine" in Eindhoven, then to "Chello" and now everything is just "UPC". At least the name shortens every time.