Nice and cold in the train today

  • Posted on: 20 April 2007
  • By: lucas

Allthough the weather has been exceptionally good the last few weeks the mornings can be quite cold still. Usually the heating in the train compartments is turned up to 100% but today the heating was off. So no dozing off in the warmth today ;-)

It's now 06:30 and the views out of the window are spectacular. The red linings of the clouds, mist hanging over the fields. Beautiful.

I'm still thinking of taking my old 'n trusty Fender Strat with me in the train someday. At least I'll get a chance to play a bit. Both guitars getting very dusty right now. There's so little time in the evenings plus the fact I'm too tired to do anything more than being a couch potatoe watching the glowing tube.

I've to post a few images as well. And some old photo's of my time in Crucible band. The old site is offline now for at least a year or so. I'm sure Hans, Steve, Peter and Peter would appreciate it. Googling for "crucible hans peter steve" doesn't show any links. UPDATE: 2008-02-15: see: They have their own site now. Looking very cool ! It's also time to upgrade this site to Drupal 5.1 ! and get some interesting modules to work (video and audio content etc.).

Yesterday I played "tikkertje" or tags (?) with Hannah in the backyard. So good to hear her laughing out loud. She is doing really well. She is as stubborn as can be, smart, the Dutch that comes out of her mouth is sometimes stunning. Being at school and copying other children is speeding up development tremendously.

Hmm, changed the order for the Drupal book from to Hopefully the book will arrive earlier than it would have from Germany. At least the shipping date is 4 days earlier. Funny though that the book is still on 'pre order' and a lot of people already had it shipped to them. Maybe they ordered it straight from Apress.