Heading for the weekend

  • Posted on: 4 May 2007
  • By: lucas

Left work early today, yesterday I stayed till quite late so I could do so without to much feeling guilty. Staying one night in a hotel is a big plus. The Johannes Vermeer hotel in Delft is quite reasonable. Clean, quite luxereous rooms. Free WiFi ! even a collection of videotapes in the hall to play with the TV/VCR combo in the room. I thought that was really nice. The breakfast buffet was above expectations. Freshly baked rolls, very good coffee and juice. Wow ! and all that for 114 euros.

Dinner was not so spectacular: walked around a bit. Went to the Albert Heijn to buy a toothbrush and toothpaste (forgot to bring to the hotel) and a small bottle of wine and some chips. couldn't find a Burgerking and didn't want to go into a restaurant like the Waag, didn't feel like eating alone there. Found a Subway, ate my sandwich in my hotel room while watching the Truman Show. Finally got to watch that one.

So this morning I was quite awake when I walked from the hotel to the bike storage at the station. I parked my bike there yesterday evening to be relatively sure to find it again. But the place was closed. Nobody inside, lights out. And a huge collection of bikes parked in front of it. Hmm, it wasn't that early: 7:30 ... shit ! had to take the bus and walk from the TUD to the Delft Tech Park. I wonder if I can get any compensation for my bus fare ... I guess not, but I'll ask monday. I asked Norman (a colleague who lives in Eindhoven too) and even much later at 8:30 the storage was still closed... ok, it's only 11 euros per month, but still...

Sent (or sending still) a message to Klaus from Vectorfields. It's been a long time since we seen eachother. We spoke a few months ago on the phone when Mari ran into big meshing problems. Hopefully he can have a look at my models and can come up with a solution to mesh them.

Almost in Eindhoven, just passed Boxtel, racing towards Best. I'll call Fran to hear how she is doing. Hannah was suffering a bit in her bear suit in the current heat. Hopefully everything is ok...