Tuesday, last day of June

  • Posted on: 31 July 2007
  • By: lucas

Yesterday in the news: Harry Patch, 109 years old visits the area he fought in during the Great War. Find out about Harry by searching the BBC site ! There is a video fragment and I instantly recognised his voice. Very moving. A few years ago there was a documentary on the BBC of the last surviving veterans of the First World War. One of the veterans told the story how he lost his friend. He never told anybody before and would not repeat it either. He and his friend survived many attacks. They had a plan: when the whistle blows, wait a little bit before going over the top (out of the trench and into enemy fire). But one day his friend got hit and died. He recited a poem which he wrote himself. That was so powerful and emotional that I vividly remember this particular documentary.

My XR2206 based function generator is still not working. I got my symmetric power supply up and running (thanks to a Velleman kit) which was a milestone itself. But something is not right with the breadboard schematic of the function generator. The XR2206 got really hot yesterday, so I guess I already blew it :O

In the news (nu.nl): spambot software bypasses captcha filter. Hmm, this means that I've to find something new for this site soon. I'm not a prime target of course (50-80 real page visits per day) so I don't think this site will be flooded quickly.

Coming week will be my last week at Mapper Lithography, so including today there are 9 work days left. Have to muster all my motivation to finish my project and transfer it as good as I can.