Sunday, going to Delft ...

  • Posted on: 8 July 2007
  • By: lucas

Instead of making good use of the very nice weather I'm going to work. Boehoeh ! But I took last Friday off from work and because I don't have enough vacation days left I've to work today. Plus I have some things to finish before the weekend is over.

Well the last few days have been rather hectic. I got a new job !. It's been a bit more than 3 months since we moved back to Eindhoven. I was thinking of options: ASML, FEI, TMC etc. But didn't take a real effort to investigate. It started 9 days ago with talking to Angelo on the phone. Then an email to Leo, a phone call, a meeting in a cafe. Then a visit to Maarten Steinbuch. After a visit to one of the potential clients (more about that later, it's still confidential) Leo and I agreed on the salary etc in his car, shook hands on it. So without signing a new contract yet I went to Vision Dynamics to break the news to Ed Bos. Ed was disappointed that I left but he could understand my reasoning and motivations. I'll start at the new company: MI-Partners on the 15th of August. That's really fast ! Staying too long after quitting makes no sense. So in 5 weeks I'll be working closer to Home !

The kind of work will be very different. It'll be dynamics and control of machines and not in the semi-conductor industry. Which will be a welcome change. Predictive modelling and validation by measurements. All as much as possible in the pre-development stage. So, really looking forward to this. On the other hand I'm leaving my familiar electromechanical grounds but I'm welcoming a change. I also have to step out of this comfort zone and get my batty more in the driver's seat.

Funny fact is that I'm Leo's first employee, so my wish to work at a smaller scale company has come true !

Last Friday we went together with Maudy, Prince, Sade and Tayo (hope I spelled it right) to the Pasar Malam in Eindhoven. It was a better experience than the last time 5 years ago. There were a lot of stalls selling all kinds of stuff. Some more and some a lot less related to Indonesia. But the food was excellent. I had some sateh lontong and Gado Gado. The pisang (fried planting) was a bit greasy but still nice (I always think of Frank Zappa's "Joe's garage" in this context ...).