Monday, 9th of July

  • Posted on: 9 July 2007
  • By: lucas

With Firefox 2 spell checking in text area's is a breeze ! Although the word FireFox is not recognised ;-)

I'm not sure what to do at work: I mean, tell them right away or wait till tomorrow when Ed comes to Delft to tell them I found another job yes or no. I'll call Ed later in the morning.

I had to hurry this morning ! forgot to set my radio alarm clock. So my backup alarm: my phone went off at 5:00AM. But that means I only have 15 minutes to: wake up, brush teeth, splash water in face, put on shirt, take trousers downstairs take coat off the hanger, switch on Senseo and water cooker, put on watch, put coffee pads in Senseo, butter two slices of bread, take sauce cup from dish washer, pour boiling water in sauce cup and thermos, put chocolate sprinkles on bread, cut and put in plastic bag, pour out hot water from sauce cup in sink, brew 2 cups of coffee with Senseo, put on pants, belt and accessories, pout out hot water from thermos in sink, pour in coffee, put back sauce cup, brew 1 more cup of coffee (with the same pads, using dark roast, so coffee will still be drinkable), take apple from fridge, rinse with water and dry, pour coffee in thermos, throw away used coffee pads, exchange dual pad holder with single pad holder in Senseo, rinse of sauce cup and put in sink, screw lids on thermos, fill water bottle with water, put everything in the bike bag, put on shoes, put on coat, be happy it doesn't rain, unlock and open back door, close and lock back door again, open door of shed, take out bike, put on bags (one with laptop other with food and coffee and ... very essential: tools and air pump for emergency bike repair), open back garden door, and start riding like an axe swinging homicidal maniac to the train station.

I can just do all of above in 15 minutes, but only if I prepare the night before. So all the things are set: water in the Senseo and water cooker, bread on the counter etc. It takes approx 10 minutes to get to the station, then I've to put my bike in the bike storage, walk to the platform and grabbing a copy of the free newspaper "De Pers" in the process.

It's Arnold's birthday today. No matter what you do, you can't forget ;-) And reading the above, remembering the coffee / tea brewing flowchart we once made in our student house in Helmond.