Last working day of April

  • Posted on: 27 April 2007
  • By: lucas

Today is actually my Mom's 65th birthday ! My dad who died 4 years ago would have been 2007-1925=82 years old today as well. Quite rare for your parents to have the same birthday date (month and day, not year, that would have been something else !).

Hannah has a day off from school and Destiny is coming to play today. So that's something she will look out for all morning. Bugging Franny every minute asking her 'Is Destiny coming now ?'.

April is a very warm and dry month this year. I haven't needed my rain gear yet. For me it is a nice start of my new commute: have to spend 2 x 15 mins on the bike in Eindhoven and 2 x 10 minutes on the bike in Delft. So, not having to put on my raincoat, trousers, shoe protectors (wearing my standard issue army boots all day is not a good idea) is a good thing. Except, it's a different deal if you are a plant our something like that. Our garden looks terrible. The front and back lawn consist more of weeds than of grass. One day I'll press 'reset' and start over a bit. I've taken up the daring plan to rip out the tree stump in front and take out all the roots of the soil that now allow all kind of shoots to burst out through the miserable lawn. Thinking about it, it is not likely that I'll replace the lawn. Too much maintenance.

Okidoki, almost in Rotterdam ...