It's Thursday already !

  • Posted on: 24 May 2007
  • By: lucas

I'll be sleeping over in Delft again tonight and I'll visit Henk this evening. All things that break the daily routine a bit. Had to bike hard just now to reach in time. I had to put the bin outside and I forgot to bring the city map of Rotterdam. I was on time, sweating like a pig ...

I was planning to upgrade this site yesterday evening, Fran was out playing badminton and Hannah in bed. But unfortunately Drupal had a scheduled downtime for a database upgrade. Hmmm, too bad. I watched some MythBusters. A nice episode with a lifter as a trembucet ... uuhh, shit forgot the name of that medieval sling kind of thing. And testing if driving with windows closed + AC is better than driving with no AC and windows down. Conclusion: better lower the windows ... even though the drag is increased the AC consumes more power.

Installed Erdas on my laptop as well. I even got it to work and load some maps Henk made from Landsat and scans of maps of Guyana. Even VirtualGIS worked with a DEM and overlay of Landsat images. Cool.
Funny to realise I was making the mistake of not clearing the 'clear' tickbox in the second (!) tab of the file open window when you want to open more files in one viewer. Years ago Henk was already was very frustrated by moving these options into separate tabs and not keeping them in one interface. When Henk and I visited a tradeshow in Tampa years ago even one of the Erdas employees was making that mistake in front of the whole crowd.

I'm surprised by the reliability of my GPRS connection. We just came out of the tunnel before Rotterdam CS and it is still running. Of course I wasn't trying to load something when I was in the tunnel but still. I received over 3MB already. I've read somewhere that T-Mobile has a limit of 1 GB / month for it's 'unlimited' internet access Pocket Internet Totaal. But never hit a limit so far. At least being able to browse the net (albeit a bit slow) makes these long hours in the train a bit more bearable.

I just hope the model I started yesterday was meshed and solved. It's getting a bit on my nerves. I'm afraid I'm on the edges of the capabilities of the software and hardware...